Stand Up and Garden on Your Balcony or Deck

Stand Up and Garden? What’s that all about? The picture below is the very first planter I made after a back injury in 2012 prevented me from bending over to garden. Lovely, isn’t it? I needed a way to garden and came up with the idea of using rain gutter materials that would hang in a level, secure manner. It took about a year to get all the ‘kinks’ out and now the Stand Up and Garden planter has made gardening easy and fun again.  Using stainless steel hardware, these handy containers can be mounted under windows for a long-lasting Window Box…or screwed into a wooden shed or deck/fence railing.  However, most people use the (included) stainless steel cable ties to hang the planters from a Balcony or Deck railing. When installed correctly, they will not damage the finish on the railing and they will stay in place until you take them down.

wave petunias and sweet potato vines in a deck planter

The ORIGINAL ‘Stand Up and Garden’ planter

Why ‘Stand Up and Garden’?

Rabbits and deer and weeds, oh, my! Putting a planter UP not only makes it easy for people to garden, it makes it nearly impossible for critters to reach your prize flowers or vegetables.. Attaching your Stand Up and Garden (S.U.A.P.) planter as a window box or on a railing can remove many of the irritations gardeners face. No more need to haul a hose around the yard.

Other Benefits of Gardening on your Deck/Balcony: 

  1. Having access to your herbs right outside your kitchen window or deck makes cooks very happy.
  2. Using a raised bed planter allows one to be as organic as one wants….by purchasing quality organic potting mix.
  3. Hummingbirds are often drawn to planters that are on deck/balcony railings.
  4. Dead-heading is easy (and a rewarding morning ritual) so your plants will thrive and bloom all season.