Love To Garden? Tired of all the work involved? Use our deck or balcony planter boxes.

There is nothing like a garden to appreciate the good things in life. Fresh air, sunshine, eating plants that you grew, grabbing fresh herbs while cooking, watching things bloom and flower. To many, gardening is sort of therapeutic…spiritually, emotionally, physically.  ‘Stand Up and Garden’ is the motto of Gutter Gardens™ for those of use who aren’t fond of the ‘up and down’ aspect of gardening. We think we have mastered deck and balcony gardening by using aluminum metal planter boxes. To see our pricing, click on the Products in the drop-down Menu. Select the Indoor, Outdoor or Cat Kit. Prices are based on the length of each Gutter Garden. Please be patient with our website. Call us if you have any trouble…we are gardeners, not webmasters!

Gutter Gardens™ was created to make gardening easier. By hanging or screwing long-lasting aluminum planter boxes (made from rain gutter material) from nearby decks, as window boxes, on balconies or fences, much of the hard work and hassles are nearly eliminated. Firstly, you can Stand Up and Garden because your flowers, herbs and veggies are within reach. Second, you are no longer in competition with rabbits, deer, or slugs. Finally, those days of dealing with weeds while dragging hoses around to water- – are history.

Originally designed with drainage holes to hang outside, Gutter Gardens™ now has indoor products which are watertight. Put those favorite herbs right on your counter-top or windowsill. You can forget about water spilling over their saucers. These indoor planters are perfect for plants you purchase already in containers to keep indoors or to await transplanting.

Another new Indoor product is for our feline friends. Cats love to eat grass. Gutter Gardens™ has a great vehicle to satisfy that desire. It is a water-tight planter box decorated with a paw motif. The “Cats Love Gutter Gardens” kit includes nearly everything you will need to successfully grow Cat Greens repeatedly.


Deck or Balcony Planters

By hanging your Gutter Garden™ planter box from a deck, balcony, trellis or fence, or using it as a window box, you are giving yourself an opportunity to enjoy gardening without many of the irritations.

Since your Gutter Gardens™ planter boxes are close by, you will be more likely to water and pamper your ‘gardens’.  Whether it is a four foot long garden of your favorite annuals or herbs, a five foot long tray of lettuce (did I mention no rabbits or weeds) that will give you fresh lettuce when planted in successive weeks…Gutter Gardens™ simply won’t disappoint!  We use a food grade caulk to prevent solvents from leaching into the potting mix…so you can be as protective of your own food supply as you choose.

By using recycled rain gutter aluminum,  Gutter Gardens™ is really a good planter box because they won’t crack, chip, fade, break or rot.  I don’t know about you, but this gardener has spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in the last five decades on plastic, concrete, ceramic trays or pots…don’t forget those coconut fiber liners that seem to lose their integrity before the season is over.  (the birds love to use this material for nesting).

Look at the different products, Email us with specific questions. Select the sizes/colors that will work best for you. Order Gutter Gardens™ planter boxes for yourself or a friend. Check us out: Facebook or Pinterest.

So check out our products, measure the circumference of your railings. Order yours today!

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