Coco Fiber Planters-Good Bad Ugly

Coco Fiber Planters  are Yesterday’s News

Deck railings need great planters. Coco fiber planters have been around for a LONG time. They are popular for a number of reasons and initially, we all try them. But, here are my issues with them and why I now use more durable planters.

  • They are porous so need watered  in the heat of summer.
  • They lose their shape and the dirt falls out because the birds use the material for nesting (not that I mind, I’m a birder)
  • Coco fiber planters have actually been known for spontaneous combustion. 
    Coco fiber planter on fire

    Coco fiber planter that caught fire

  • Wrought iron holders often peel and rust
Rusty wrought iron coco planter

Rusty Coco Fiber Planter is so ugly.

Balcony and Deck planters come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Selection options are vast and prices can range from <$15->$75. One thing to consider is permanence