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Installs easily as a Window Box or on a Balcony or Deck


Gutter Gardens™

Gutter Gardens™

Black deck planter by Gutter Gardens, LLCBlack porch planters by Gutter Gardens, LLCLettuces growing in deck planter by Gutter GardensGreen  planter on railing in full sun  by Gutter Gardens, LLC

Gutter Gardens make gardening hassle-free and fun. These durable planters can hang from almost any railing and are EASY to install.
These planters make excellent window boxes or as planters to hang from your balcony, porch or deck railing. People like them because they won't fall apart, they're made from recycled materials and they are even attractive when the growing season is dormant.
They will never break, fade, crack or fall apart. Gutter Gardens are lightweight and can grow almost any kind of annual flowers and many herbs, lettuces, kale,
radishes and spinach.
Best of all they are out of reach of the deer, rabbits, dogs and slugs that
tend to destroy a flower bed. AND, you can Stand Up to Garden. Make
growing fun again…buy some Gutter Gardens.
A great gift for apartment or condo dwellers. This product is hand-made in
the USA  from recycled aluminum. The planters are commercial size (8
inches wide with a root depth of 5.5″) and are very capable of growing a
variety of annuals.