Window Boxes for All Seasons

  • Guaranteed not to rot
  • Made in USA

Quaint, colorful and multi-purposed, Gutter Gardens™ has a planter to solve your gardening needs. Whether growing herbs or flowers, this DURABLE flower box won’t disappoint and will never rot or fall apart in your lifetime! We guarantee it.

Urban gardeners can plant a window box with a quick crop of spinach and lettuce in spring, or fill one with parsley, basil, rosemary and other herbs for a steady supply for the kitchen all summer long.

Sun or shady areas…whether on a deck or balcony railing or as a traditional window box…you will be pleased with how well your garden grows. There are 2 depths available in various lengths in white, black, brown or dark green.  Great way to add curb appeal !

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6″ Wide Gutter Garden

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8″ Wide Gutter Garden

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