How to Install Gutter Gardens on Your Deck, Balcony, or Porch

Getting Started

IMPORTANT: Completely install the Gutter Garden BEFORE adding potting mix. The weight of your planter will vary according to the width (6" wide or 8" wide) and length (up to 60" long). Therefore, you must select a place that will support a great deal of weight.The Stainless steel cable ties or stainless steel screws you will receive are rated to handle 120 lbs each...and you will get more than enough to secure your gutter planter.<

Getting Started: Location, Location, Location

The most crucial step is finding the best place to install your Gutter Gardens. Keeping the Gutter Garden at or near waist height will really make a difference in dead-heading, watering, and watching your plants grow and flourish. It will also deter the rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and groundhogs from helping themselves to your bounty. Be mindful of the sun requirements and planting dates on the seed packets. We will be happy to help you determine what to buy and where to mount it. See the Personal Recommendations page for more details.

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Installation Video