Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts

Tending flowers on the deck

Stand Up and Garden

Gardening Gifts

Give the Gift of Gardening! Women everywhere love getting flowers on their special days. This Mother’s Day, get your mom (or wife, or grandmother…etc) a gift that will please for many years to come. A unique planter system that safely attaches to the railing on her porch, deck or balcony makes gardening more enjoyable…and easier than ever.

Many people now live in areas where there is little or no space for a garden. Or, they may have the space…but not the energy to keep up a large garden. Yet, the delight of tending to flowers or growing ones own herbs is now so very easy. It’s a form of raised bed or container gardening called “Gutter Gardening”….and it allows you to Stand Up and Garden. Easily installed using unbreakable Stainless Steel cable ties, this method of growing eliminates many of the problems faced by gardeners everywhere. First, it finally gets rid of the issues caused by wild life…the rabbits, deer and squirrels simply can’t reach the planter. Second, no more worries about having to weed. Another benefit is that Gutter Gardening allows you to stand up while taking care of your plants.

How come it’s called Gutter Gardening?

These lightweight yet durable planters are made from recycled aluminium rain gutter materials. They have intentional holes in the bottom with a filter to allow drainage. For most growing needs, the 6″ wide planter has adequate root space for most annuals. There is also an 8″ wide planter that is recommended for window boxes or for growing serious vegetables. The end-caps are riveted on and a food-grade caulk is used to prevent solvents from leaching into the root system of edibles.

No matter if the exposure has a lot of sun or nearly total shade, annuals (flowers that only live for one season) can be selected to bring brilliant colors to your fingertips. And there is an almost therapeutic,  calming impact that nature has on all of us. 

Available in 4 colors and in different lengths, this is one gift that will make a lasting impression.