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Planters made from Rain Gutters

Coco Fiber lined planter that is a mess.

#1 Reason We Make Gutter Gardens Planters!

Founded by an avid gardener, Gutter Gardens™ came about as an attempt to avoid many of the hassles and irritations associated with gardening. It seemed that the rabbits and deer were enjoying her plants more than she was. As she aged, getting up and down to weed and dead head was getting more difficult. The idea to Stand UP and Garden on her deck made a lot of sense. The coco-fiber and plastic planters were unsatisfactory for a lot of reasons. They never seemed to hang straight and were messy and fell apart. So the idea of using 100% recycled rain gutters that hang on deck or balcony railings took shape. They hang safely and last for many years without fading, cracking or breaking.

First, we went dumpster diving at the company which installed our rain gutters in 2004. We got various colors and sizes of new guttering left over from recent jobs. Then the fun started. After assembling several gutter pieces, we began determining various ways to mount these experimental planters to promote healthy plant growth using various drainage methods and planting medium. Since we wanted to grow herbs and veggies, we needed and found a food grade caulk for the sealing the riveted end caps.

Balcony and Deck Railings

The most important concern was a secure mounting method for various railings. Stainless steel cable ties and stainless steel screws are 100% effective and are guaranteed not to break. See our video and complete installation tips HERE

Thankfully these and other challenges have been addressed and we are pleased to offer this MADE IN THE USA product to gardeners all over this great country.


The mission of Gutter Gardens™ is to produce an excellent system to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables while minimizing many of the hassles that detract from the joys of gardening. We are committed to making quality products using American workers and sustainable/ recycled materials. We also want to honor God in the way we treat our employees and customers.