White Window Box/Planters

Want a durable, WHITE window box? Ours is made FROM recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. It is guaranteed not to fall apart, rot or fade. 

Window Boxes add great curb appeal but fell out of favor because the wooden ones consistently deteriorated. Gutter Gardens are sleek, attractive and because they are made from rain gutter materials, they will never fail you. Hardware is provided for the mounting surface you have…just order the correct mounting hardware when you order them. Concrete or brick installation need tap-cons and all other mounting hardware are Stainless Steel screws/washers.

A window box is usually fixed to the wall immediately below it so the owner(s) can easily get to the plants in the container. A Gutter Gardens, LLC  window box is installed under a window using supplied hardware  to suit the wall below.  

Window boxes are often used by people who live on the upper floors of flats or apartments, and thus do not have access to a garden or patio to grow flowers. Window boxes enable the plants to be readily seen by those inside the property as well as outside.. Access for planting and maintenance can be via the window from indoors. It is also a good way to attract hummingbirds up close and personal!

Besides WHITE, these planters also come in BLACK. DARK GREEN and DARK BROWN. Metal (aluminium) material makes this window box lightweight and extremely durable. You’ll love this item for a LONG time!

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