What Grows in a Gutter Garden™?

Growing in your Gutter Garden™…best practices

What is a Gutter Garden™
2 foot black outdoor GG

A planter made from rain gutters grows various plants AND has a lot of advantages…they won’t ever fall apart or break, they can hang from nearly any surface. Here is what one looks like:

The back, mounting holes are about 2 inches apart. The bottom drainage holes are 4-6 inches apart and are covered with a filter to keep the dirt in. Matching colored end caps are riveted on and have a non-toxic sealant. The hardware you need depends on where or how you want to hang it. 

What can I grow in a Gutter Garden™?

Most people enjoy flowers and Gutter Gardens™ are an excellent way to grow annual flowers. (See other posts for growing edible plants ). Here are a few samples:

Geraniums with white and green accents make a lovely statement.

Geraniums with white and green accents make a lovely statement.

A trellis with planters made from rain gutters

Full shade means a great place for impatiens.

White planter made from a rain gutter.

Gardening on your sunny porch with colorful annuals








Flowers that grow in Gutter Gardens™.

Crash mini-course in botany: Annual plants usually only live one growing season in a particular location and are excellent for a gutter planter.  Perennial plants usually come back season after season…but after the first season, they will probably not grow back if planted in a any kind of container. Plant roots need the protection of the ground to survive cold weather.

Gutter Garden Annuals (best to look for plants that are tagged “mounding”):

Some of my personal favorites are:

Sun Loving Shade Loving
Vincas Impatiens
Geraniums Begonias
Diamond Frost Diamond Frost
Fiber Optic Grass  
Creeping Jenny  


Every region has a “Growing Zone” that identifies climate factors. Yours can be found at this site: USDA Growing Zones by Zip-code  Most nurseries or plant stores have their plants arranged in groups of “Annuals or Perennials”. They are further grouped by Sun or Shade lovers.  Select plants in the 4″ nursery pots or the “6-packs” to transplant into your Gutter Garden. This gives the roots a better environment to 

All purchased plants and seed packets have the growing zone area that is optimal for the plant. Some plants that are only yearly (annuals) in Michigan may be perennials (come back every year) in Mississippi. The information that comes with the plant/seeds also includes what Sun requirements and Watering needs are best.

Contact our master gardener at: laurie@guttergardens.com for specific questions. requests and suggestions.



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