Types of Container Garden Planters for Decks and Balconies

What Container Planters work on Decks and Balconies?

A very popular method of container planters are coco-lined  garden planters which have been around for a long time. I have used them and had semi-success in plant stands on the front porch. They never worked well on my deck because my rails were not suitable for level mounting. So, shortly after planting, the potting mix began falling out to the patio below. The brackets that came with them never seemed secure in holding so much weight.   Because safety is so paramount…we came up with a completely safe method

Coco Fiber lined planter that is a mess.

#1 Reason We Make Gutter Gardens!

of hanging planters using stainless steel cable ties to securely hang Gutter Gardens™.

Then, I noticed that some birds were using the materials for nesting…so even more dirt fell out. Because they are so porous, they demanded water more often than less porous planters. By the end of the season, they looked like this picture! What a mess.  

Container planters can be made of various materials such as terra cotta, concrete, plastic or resin. Since we want to Stand Up and Garden, these planters can be placed on a shelf or table on the deck/balcony. Keep in mind that weight determines the ability to move the planter around. Also, remember that the UV rays from the sun will degrade plastic and resin and make them brittle/breakable. 

full sun planters

Vincas in full sun on deck railing

My first Gutter Garden on my deck in 2012.

My first Gutter Garden on my deck in 2012.

Impatiens in full shade screwed to fence

These planters can be screwed in wood rails or fencing, too!

Gutter Gardens will never break, fade, fall, crack or disappoint! These planters are uniquely designed to hang in a level, secure manner. So easy to install, too. Take a look at some pictures on this website, You will be amazed at how utterly wonderful Gutter Garden planters are!